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The wiki for Renard Queenston's music label, Lapfox Trax. Find info on specific items, or add in your own info!

What is Lapfox?Edit

Lapfox is a record company owned by Renard "Ren" Queenston. Ren is an electronic artist that has created many different fursonas or aliases that act as their 'musicians' for the company. Ren's main and most popular alias Renard, however they have also used many other aliases, including the matching fursona's that they and their girlfriend created, Mayhem and Mischief.

Ren is gender neutral, and therefore prefers neutral pronouns (They, Them, Their) when being referred to.

What you can do to help.Edit

If you have any LEGITIMATE information on Lapfox or Lapfox's characters, or even any news on Renard or Squeedge, feel free to add to the site.