NegaRen's first cover.

NegaRen is a fursona for the musican, Renard Queenston. Renard is a Electronic artist, however NegaRen focuses on the genre raggacore, which is part of breakcore; a mixture of hardcore techno, varying vocals, intelligent dance music, and drum and bass. NegaRen is a negaitive colored version of Renard Queenston's main fursona, Renard.

As for release times and dates of NegaRen's albums, it appears as if its only a sesonal thing, being that all the previous records were released at Halloween, give or take a few months.


NegaRen's first album was True Color, released on September 25 2009, with the cover art by the talented: Katie Murphie (A.K.ASqueedge)

Tracks on this album go in the following order:

  1. 'Till This Is Done
  2. Just Wanna Tell You
  3. Sound Killa
  4. Love Is Delicious
  5. My Pet Dragon Got Drunk And Barffed At Rainfurrest This Year
  6. Gross Little Thing
  7. Immovable
  8. When I'm Down


Second Album

NegaRen's second album,Breaking Boundaries, was released on October 10 2009. The cover art was also produced by Squeedge.

Tracks go in this order:

  1. Ruv 4 U How U Ruv
  2. Who Said It Was Safe
  3. Revenge Of The Eggs
  4. Ride The Sky
  5. Stark Raving Mad
  6. And Then I Killed A House DJ
  7. God Damn It's A Nice Day
  8. Operation Delgonflange
  9. A Bunch Of Samples Played Consecutively
  10. Busy Busy Busy
  11. Ejac Attack
  12. The Munchies
  13. Something Beautiful
  14. <3 Ray

On the 29th of October 2010 we hear from NegaRen again, in his third album;
Jack. The cover art for this album was once again, done by Squeedge.

The tracks for this album go as followed:

  1. Roll The Bass
  2. Monday
  3. All Aboard
  4. Spaceship Warlock
  5. The Apathy Dance
  6. The Grand Scale Of Things
  7. D.A.A.N.A.C.C.E
  8. The Jam

We then dont hear from NegaRen until November 21 2011, when his fourth
album was released, as it featured Jackal Queenston (Who is said to be Renard's main fursona's brother), Dont Stop Moving. Both cover arts in the picture were done by Squeedge.

Tracks go in the following order:

  1. Jackal Queenston + NegaRen - For Your Consideration
  2. Jackal Queenston - Diurnal
  3. NegaRen - Dodecahedron
  4. Jackal Queenston - Anxiety (feat. Klippa)
  5. NegaRen - Come On Composer
  6. Jackal Queenston - Blackweather
  7. NegaRen - Daytona USA Bastardcar
  8. Jackal Queenston + NegaRen - Don't Stop Moving